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Mayor Arrequín, Councilwomen Sophie Hahn and Cheryl Davila announced that the shelter will remain open past the original closing date. (April 14, 2017. Images by Summer Meyer.)
UPDATE on the Berkeley Emergency Storm Shelter (BESS)
The 2nd and Gilman Street Shelter remained open until June 15, 2017. This was made possible by the generous donations of two anonymous donors who responded to Mayor Jesse Arrequín’s plea to the Berkeley community to help fund the cost of keeping the shelter open (KPFA April 13, 2017 – segment starts 46:50). 
Everyone in the extended Dorothy Day House community would like to express their gratitude to these Berkeleyans. They made a true difference in people’s lives!

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George Edgerton Memorial Fund


The George Edgerton Memorial (GEM) Fund honors the memory of George Edgerton and his dedicated community service on behalf of those most in-need among us. To find out more about how you could contribute to the spirit of the GEM Fund call (925)519-9881.