Community Breakfast

The Dorothy Day House serves breakfast six out of seven mornings a week to Berkeley’s low-income, homeless, and transient residents. We aim to foster a community environment in which our guests, our volunteers, and our visitors can find solidarity over a bowl of steaming oatmeal, a cup of hot coffee, and a little cordial conversation. On any given day of the week we serve upwards of one hundred people in-need, with the help of a pool of 25 volunteers, 3 to 6 of whom participate on any one serving day.


Dorothy Day House’s efforts would be in vain without the help of our wonderful, hard-working, dedicated volunteers. We would be lost like lambs in the woods without you.

Emergency Storm Shelter

The Berkeley Emergency Storm Shelter has been operating since the winter of 2003/2004. The City of Berkeley, local churches, donors and charitable foundations, and Dorothy Day House have collaborated each winter to provide a warm, dry and peaceful place where our homeless neighbors can bed down on those nights when extreme cold or wet weather is expected.


Dorothy Day House works with multiple organizations in our community to provide as many services as possible to those in need.