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Dorothy Day House serves our Community Breakfast six days a week, Monday
through Saturday. We serve three hot cereals, bread, hard-boiled eggs, fresh fruit, milk, juice and coffee. Sometimes we have meat, and often we have pastries donated by local bakers. On Saturdays we usually serve scrambled eggs, potatoes or pancakes and other items as they come available.

We serve 50 men at the Berkeley Men’s Shelter in the basement of the
Veterans Building at 1931 Center Street at 6:00AM.

We also serve a 7:00 AM Breakfast at Christ Church, 2138 Cedar St. Thisddh-church
meal is generally served to people who are still homeless, many still living on the streets.

  • First shift volunteers arrive at 5:00 AM to cook oatmeal, hard Boiled Eggs, make toast etc. for the 6:00 meal
  • Second shift volunteers arrive at 6:00 to do the same for the 7:00 meal.
  • Third shift volunteers come at 7:00 to serve at the 7:00 meal.
  • Fourth shift volunteers arrive at 8:30 to 9:00 to help unload, restock supplies, and prep food.
Image Chinese Students and David Edited

UC Berkeley Extension students pose in front of Christ Church. These lovely young volunteers are high school graduates visiting from China. They have been assisting with our 7AM breakfast service and mingling with our guest. The students reflect on their volunteer experience during their summer program at UC, focusing on topics such as mutual aid, resource distribution, and community resistance.


I’m just really grateful to have the ability and resources to help someone out.

Bob Whalen

It’s hard to see people on the street when it’s raining and cold. At least by volunteering, I know that I’m contributing to my community and it gives them a hot breakfast which is great.

Sonal Petale